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RFS : Tellico & Amaya


I'm looking for someone to kindly sponsor upload two of my packages :

-Tellico : available at http://www.imalip.info/tellico/etch/ ,
dget http://www.imalip.info/tellico/etch/tellico_1.2.5-1.dsc .
Version specifically aimed at Etch with selected patches from upstream
(with the help from upstream) fixing known issues, which have not been
filed in the BTS. In the same directory, debdiff is the difference from
1.2.4-1 to upstream 1.2.5, and the other diff files are the various
patches applied. Detailed informations about them are in the changelog

-Amaya : http://www.imalip.info/amaya/ ,
dget http://www.imalip.info/amaya/amaya_9.53~dfsg.0-1.dsc .
The package is not in Etch anyway, this version fixes an RC bug, plus some
licensing issues, and includes a fully reworked set of patches to use
system-provided libraries instead of shipping the source and compiling
them. All the applied patches are in debian/patches/ and the relevant ones
have been submitted upstream.

CC'ing Joerg, in case he has something to say about it as my AM...

Any comment about the packages is welcome as well.


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