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Re: BALLView - a molecular viewer and modeling tool

On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 09:45 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

I'm replying to the reply, since I can't find a copy of the original
message in my MUA. Sorry for the sub-optimal threading.

> On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Andreas wrote:
> >>    4. debian/compat
> >>       The current debhelper version is 5.x.  So if you have no
> >>       certain reason (like backporting to Sarge for instance),
> >>       I would recommend to use debhelper 5 here.
> > I used the version 4 because otherwise I could not build the package on
> > the Edgy Ubuntu. The package works fine with the older version of debhelper.

Are you sure that's what it was? I'm able to build packages with
debhelper version 5 on Edgy. Edgy ships debhelper version


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