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Re: Linda question: Maintainer script prerm uses debhelper, but does not use #DEBHELPER#.

On Sunday 28 January 2007 21:46, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> Hi!


> I get the following warnings when checking my package with linda:
> | $ linda -i *.dsc
> | W: conntrackd; Maintainer script postinst uses debhelper, but does not
> | use #DEBHELPER#. The maintainer script shown above is included in a
> | debhelper-using package, but it does not include a #DEBHELPER# tag.
> | W: conntrackd; Maintainer script prerm uses debhelper, but does not use
> I do not use any debhelper-magic in the scripts and do not understand
> what linda wants me to do.
> I could simply include '#DEBHELPER#' in the scripts but I do not want any
> debhelper magic to change the scripts.
> dh_installinit is called with --noscripts to accomplish this.

You are probably calling some other dh_* script which modifies your maintainer 
scripts, although I failed to see that happening, or this is just some sort 
of revival of #163261, i.e. linda doesn't know that dh_installinit 
with --noscripts passed does not modifies these files and complains for no 
good reasons.

> prerm, postinst and rules are attached.
> What should I do?

I'd assume that linda is wrong, unless anyone proves me wrong.

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