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Re: RFS: crotch


Chris Amthor wrote:
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

IANADD so i cannot upload it for you, but anyways some comments.
Hope they help you.

* General:
  - public-key-file: What is it for? As far as I see, you don't package
    it, so why should you need to include it?
  - Your package does not include a manpage for a binary. Thats not an
   'error', but is highly recommended and the fact that there is none,
   results in a lintian warning.
  - upstream source should unpack to <name>-version, not
  - I would recommend not do make changes to upstream sources directly.
    Instead (if you really need to do so) make use of a patch system,
    like dpatch
  - Personally i find it better to have a as-clean-as-it-could-be build,
    without warnings. You could fix warnings yourself with patches or
    ask upstream to do so. In every case you may want to inform the
    upstream author.

* debian/copyright:
   - Policy states that the copyright file  "must say where the upstream
     sources (if any) were obtained" so you should do so.
   - Also *I* would include an excerpt of the license,
     as many others do, so that the user, who might not be interested
     in reading the full license can read the basic aspects
     without opening another file. As an (unfortunately
     more 'advanced') example you could have a look at mantis)
   - I find that the empty line at EOF is unneeded, so it could
     be removed

* debian/rules:
   - In general i would tidy this file a little bit up (e.g
     removing unneeded empty lines between commands inside of
     a target, removing dh_make comments)
   - You could use install -d to create the directory usr/bin and save
     yourself from the dirs file and the dh_installdirs call or even
     better (imho): Instead of calling make install you could install it
     yourself with install -D which will create the directory AND you
     will not need to edit upstream source.
   - There is no need for the commented calls in debian/rules. If you
     need it for you to remember you can recreate this dh_make template
     any time.

* debian/changelog:
    - Doesn't your build close any bug? Normally it would at least close
      an ITP bug, which should exist so that others see that there is
      someone working on this package.

* debian/control:
    - Description should contain the Upstream URL, like so:

     "hints unreadable at the first glance.

* debian/compat:
    - Your compatibility level is 4, but thats old. Instead you may want
      to use the current level 5.


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