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Re: RFS: crotch

Hi Chris!

On 1/23/07, Chris Amthor <amthor@chroam.de> wrote:
I am looking for a sponsor for my package "crotch".

If you look up the definition of "crotch"
(http://dict.die.net/crotch/), you come up with the fact that is not a
nice word, and it can be considered offensive by a group of people.

Even though it's not so terrible, it's definitely not a good name for
a program to be distributed by Debian.

On the other hand, you don't have an ITP filed for your package.  Any
new package in Debian needs to have an ITP filed about it, so that
other developers and people interested get to know that the package is
being prepared.  For any prospective package, you should read and
follow what's stated in the policy:

However, for this particular case, I think you might consider not
filing it (and not pursuing the upload), since I doubt you'll find a
developer willing to upload a piece of software that looks quite
useless and has such an offending name.


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