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Re: RFS: ballview - A free molecular modeling and moleculargraphics tool

Hi Thijs,

thank you very much for your help, with your hints I could resolve most of these issues:

The changelog says: "* Initial release (Closes: #nnnn)  <nnnn is the bug
number of your ITP>" So you probably forgot to replace 'nnnn' :) See
also the file README.Debian, it still has "<possible notes regarding
this package - if none, delete this file>".

The docs file is empty, so can be removed.

I'm quite surprised by the two scripts in your debian dir:
createBALLVIEWDEB and debian-ball-install. Why are you using these, and
not place the commands in debian/rules? The latter is the place for
commands that build your package. Many of the things you do in those
scripts can be done by the available debhelper dh_* scripts.
The problem is, that we later may want to create an other package: BALL
Our software can also be used as a software framework in bioinformatics.
This package would have an other focus, an other content, and probably
be double the size. To create the two packages, I wanted to create a corresponding set of scripts, that I can reuse. In addition, we will also create packages for other distributions and thus can reuse this
shell script.

I don't think the 'deb-ball-source' dir belongs in a clean source
I guess you are right. Could you tell how to delete it with the deb-helper tools?

The licence statement in ./STRUCTURE/numericalSAS.C seems very
incompatible with Debian:
This must be mentioned in debian/copyright, and, if this stays this way,
I think the package must be in non-free. However, it's of course
possible to contact the upstream author to see whether either this code
can be removed (it seems only a small part), or the original copyright
holder can be contacted for relicencing.
You are right, we are currently trying to solve this issue.

I get the following error while building the package in a clean
environment (cowbuilder):
        checking for libpython...
        No libpython*a found in /usr/lib/python2.4/config/. Please
        the path where your Python library resides using
        or ensure that libpython is installed in the correct directory
        (sys.prefix is /usr)
I have added the corresponding python-dev package dependency.

Lintian still shows a native-package-with-dash-version warning.
Could someone please explain me how to solve this issue?

Thank you again for your help


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