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Re: RFS: sshm

Daniel Baumann schrieb:
Patrick Matthäi wrote:
I hope it's now all better, I tried to fix all your tips.

there are a few things left:

  * if the package was not previously available in a repository where
    users could have installed it, we normally upload the first package
    with revision -1. you have revision -5. if your package wasn't
    widespread before, please move it to -1.

  * Depends: should have a ${misc:Depends}

  * with useless stuff in rules, i also ment this one here:
    #docbook-to-man debian/sshm.sgml > sshm.1

  * you removed dh_installchangelogs completely, instead of just
    removing its parameter. this has the effect
    that debian/changelog is not copied to
    /usr/share/$package/changelog.Debian. you need to readd it.

  * you removed dh_installdocs, instead of just removing its
    helper file (debian/docs). this has the effect that
    debian/copyright is not copied to /usr/share/$package/copyright.
    you need to readd it.

make always sure, you run lintian on the package to check for errors.

if you fix above things, i'll sponsor the package.

But I will include a manpage for the next release, I hope this will be ok.

that's ok, yes.

Thanks for all your good tips! I'm sorry, this is my first package :)
I fixed it and uploaded it again to mentors as 0.2-1.

Regard, Patrick Matthäi

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