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Re: Version names if Stable = Testing = Unstable but compiled different

On 1/12/07, Carlo Segre <segre@iit.edu> wrote:
> I will use -1+b1

sarge           -1~sarge1
etch            -1

This can perfectly (and more clearly, from my point of view) be achieved by:

sarge:  -1
etch: -1+b1
sid: -1+b2

So that when lenny is released, -1+b2 might go for lenny, and -1+b3 be
in unstable, and if along the way a recompilation is needed, you could
have -1+b4 and so on.  The ~ thing is intended for when you have a
"pre" or "beta" version.  In this case, the new compilations are new
versions, thus the ~ thing might really not be the best idea.


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