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RFS: Need help packaging MMS (My Media System) and get it into Debian

Hi there!

For over 3 years now I help out on a multimedia-project named MMS - 'My Media 
System' - fka: 'Mpeg Menu System V2' 
(see: mms.sunsite.dk).

It's a multimedia system running with several input and output devices (SDL, 
Dxr3, FF-DVB), providing Audio, Pictures, Movie, Games, TV, EPG ...

For now it only was available if one compiles it ...

So we realy would like to see it as part of debian, as we think it's stable, 
tested and well documented.

I started packaging (with the help of the web and some maintainers of VDR) but 
am new to packaging at all ;)

So here's my wish:

Is someone here willing to help packaging (maintaining the deb?) and show me a 
way on how to get it into Debian?

My main focus right now is to get MMS packaged ... there are some questions 
coming up regarding this.
I think for debian the package (apart from as it is now) should be split up 
into a 'mms-common' and various output-related 'mms-output'-packages.

Getting it into Debian would help a lot easy down the usage cause of easy 

Anyone here willing to help?

A testing deb for edgy (cause of an article in a computer-magazin which should 
come up) and the corresponding sources (both created with pbuilder, tested 
with lintian and test-compiled in sid) could be downloaded from

We even just corrected some things in the upstream to reflect filesystem 
standards (like putting config-files changed at runtime into /var/lib/mms, 
putting recreateable files into /var/cache/mms, etc. ...)

The Wiki and forum could be reached from

Thx and Lg

* Projektdienstleistung, Beratung, Organisation

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