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Re: RFS: Legends: The Game

TerroX wrote:
> See list of current packages (debian, loki, sh) here
> http://download.legendsthegame.net/
> or full debian install here
> http://legendsthegame.net//files/legends_linux- Size: 118.6
> MB (124,288,308 bytes)
> or downloader debian here
> http://legendsthegame.net//files/legends_linux_downloader-


as said on -devel-games, please point us to the package sources (sources
are .diff.gz, .dsc and .orig.tar.gz), only the deb is useless. So, I'd
like to see an URI to the *.dsc file here please.

> All of the scripts used to create the packages are here
> http://legendsthegame.net/community/doku.php?id=linux:index

We need the debian sources, not a shell script, sorry.

> There is no tar.gz of the actual files, we just pack up the game
> directory - it is the same as what is unpacked by the full .deb or you
> could RYSNC to get the same data as what is packed here

You can just create such a snapshot tar.gz and produce based on this the

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