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Re: RFS: eancheck

The patches are wholly in the makefile to make it compliant with the 
Debian,build system, the code itself is unchanged from the upstream (I would 
know :)

Anyway, I have complied with your changes, although I do not see how the 
license is not free, being as it is an open invitation to do anything at all 
with the code: 


On Sunday 07 January 2007 21:17, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Joe Baldwin wrote:
> > Full source tree and deb source files available at
> > http://joe-baldwin.net/deb
> always include at least the URI to the *.dsc.
> additionally:
>   * you are upstream, why do you need to patch it?
>   * debhelper (>> 5.0.0) is over-precise, just use
>     debhelper (>= 5).
>   * behind 'such' in long-desc, there is a useless
>     whitespace at the end of the line.
>   * add ${misc:Depends} to Depends:
>   * your license is not dfsg free, if you don't want to care about the
>     license, just put it in the public domain.
>   * remove the not used dh_* calls in rules.
>   * if you would use install -D or install -p,
>     you could skip debian/dirs.
> please fix this first, then i'll have a second look at the package and
> possibly upload it.
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