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Re: RFS: python-pytils

Twas brillig at 14:32:00 01.01.2007 UTC+01 when Daniel Baumann did gyre and gimble:

 DB> * should: please use the common format for the copyright file,
 DB> look at e.g. libextractor if unsure.


 DB> include also the full gpl blurb.

Will do when author releases 0.2.1 with copyright years added to the
source files.

 DB> * must: your package is arch all, hence you should have all the
 DB> dh_* calls under binary-indep in your rules, not binary-arch.


 DB> * tipp: instead of this: find . -name '*.py[co]' -delete in your
 DB> special python clean rules, you could simply pass --no-compile to
 DB> the python setup.py install call.

setup.py imports pytils to obtain package version, so those .pycs are
generated every time setup.py is being invoked. I would modify
setup.py to pass version extracted from the changelog but it is IMHO

 DB> the rest is good, if you above things, i'll sponsor the package.

I also removed all build-python% braindamageness as I finally figured
that it is relevant only to compiled binary modules.

Updated package:

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