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Re: Recurring "please do" patterns in debian-mentors

On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 19:01:47 +0600
Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag@dottedmag.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> After watching debian-mentors@ for a some time, I've found two types
> of suggestions frequenly advised to the packagers:
> * Removing empty lines from the end of debian/copyright,
>   debian/changelog
> * Using two spaces before 'Homepage:' field in package description.

Those two particular requests nearly always come from one sponsor -
Daniel. Other sponsors don't seem bothered by either of the above cases
and one in particular (Homepage) is as yet unresolved in terms of a
definite "rule". Personally, I'm perfectly happy to sponsor any package
that has either of these "faults" without changing them and I have a
mix of Homepage: values in my own packages. I'll continue until there
is a definitive answer or some form of X- field in debian/control that
handles the URL properly.

> Do they look like candidates to the lintan tests (level I:, probably)?

No, absolutely not. This would cause unnecessary lintian hassle.

The empty line issue is a non-starter IMHO - Daniel is free to make his
own policy on these but other sponsors, like me, have no issues with
empty lines. In fact, I usually make sure changelog and control DO have
empty lines at the end of the file - I consider it useful and tidy. I
know Daniel disagrees but that is precisely why this should NOT be made
into a lintian issue.

Daniel: would you agree? I'm sure you've got scripts that check for
these things on your own system because you don't seem to miss any.
That's fine with me, you can use your scripts and I'll use mine. :-)

(Having said that, Daniel does sponsor a LOT of packages - he is the
most active sponsor on this list by some way - most of my time is taken
up upstream or in Emdebian. I have a particular interest in embedded
stuff so I tend to only offer to sponsor stuff that is small enough to
be useful on an embedded device.)


Neil Williams

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