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Re: RFS: cegui-mk2 (updated package)

Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez wrote:
> I've fixed and uploaded the new version of cegui-mk2.

  * Use debhelper (>= 5) instead of debheler (>> 5.0)

  * If you use dh5, you also have to update compat.

  * having had a look at the code, i've found out that the current
    release is no longer LGPL, but MIT. additionally, it includes parts
    of tinyxml, which needs to be listed too. look at tinyerp-client
    from sid for an example how to write a multi-license/multi-authors
    copyright file.

> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cegui-mk2/

Please include the URI to the *.dsc file, otherwise I have to start a
browser for that.

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