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RFS: tremulous-editor

Hi Daniel,

I prefer to finish tremulous-editor package before continue with 

Thank you for important help. Have a nice Week-end.


Next, my answers:

Le mercredi 29 novembre 2006 01:58, Daniel Baumann a écrit :

> > http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/t/tremulous-editor
>	at least give the URI to the *.dsc, i don't want to fire up
> 	${www-browser} just because of you.
OK:	The full URL of .dsc (new version)

>   * package should be non-native.
OK:	Package is now non-native

>   * README and README.Debian are useless, doesn't contain any
>     information at all.
OK:	Files deleted

>   * why priority extra?
OK:	Package is now setting to optional priority

>   * it should be debhelper (>= 5), not debhelper (>=5),
>     and tremulous (>= 1.1.0), gtkradiant (>= 1.5.0)
>     not tremulous (>=1.1.0), gtkradiant (>=1.5.0).
OK:	First space is adding

>   * short and long descriptions must be improved/extended a lot.

>   * do you have no own website, do you really want to do the primary
>     distribution through ftp.debian.org?
??:	My own site don't speak about tremulous (see salokine.hd.free.fr ;-) )
	I have insert the official wiki which explains how to do manualy
	what I do with this package. Is it good ?

>   * your copyright is incomplete, there is other code with different
>     authors/license in the tarball. you need to list that too. look
>     at tineyerp-client from unstable for an example how to do
>     multi-authors/multi-license copyright files properly.
??:	I'm not sure. I think I need help on this section. I couldn't find
	tineyerp-client package. I saw "tremulous" package as exemple.
	But I don't know what licence to use and 
	upstream author don't answer to my email 
	(Tim Angus <tangus@users.sourceforge.net>).

>   * dirs is useless here.
OK: "debian/dirs" deleted

>   * docs is empty, hence useless.
OK:	"debian/docs" deleted

>   * your package is only building one binary-package, hence i do
>     recommend to not mix prefixed helpers and not prefixed.
>     therefore, rename tremulous-editor.dirs to dirs.

>   * remove the commented useless things in rules

>   * if you don't do something in configure:, remove it completely.

>   * if you don't do something in buid:, replace it with this:
> ---snip---
> build:
> ---snap---

>   * remove the commented useless dh_* calls.

Many thanks and good night.

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