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Debconf Trouble


uhmm.. i know that i may be probing your patience with me, but I am new
and learning ;o) Well, here is another issue, i have. Thanks to Joey, i
figured how to use register to register questions for multiple use. It
yet does work good for me, except that I'm having problems with boolean

The case is that I have to ask some questions and depending on the
answer either continue or not. Well, but if i answer 'yes' (default:
false) to a question which should result in $RET = 'true', in fact it is
$RET = 'false'. Otherwise if i answer 'no' (default: yes) it results in
$RET beeing 'true'. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure what i
am doing wrong there, but now i have resigned.

If i do read out the question with debconf-communication after then
the stored value is what i expect. debugging of debconf does not help me
much. I can't see from it whats wrong there.

I have uploaded all files about this issue. Here are the URLs:


Also there is a log of the produced debconf debug output:

May some of the more experienced developers please have a look at it and
tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards


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