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Re: variables from shell output in makefile

Many thanks for the suggestions.
Handy idea the paste.debian.net to not clutter mail boxes.
I tried some on Etch (files available until Wed 29nov):
http://paste.debian.net/17358 rules with ":="
http://paste.debian.net/17359 build output
With command not found result...
Also tried with "=" and same results.

http://paste.debian.net/17361 rules with inline "`" cmd 
http://paste.debian.net/17362 build output inline  ugly but worked

http://paste.debian.net/17363 rules with variable subst with "`"
http://paste.debian.net/17364 build failure with variable expansion "`"

So it seems some misunderstanding of variable usage in debian/rules.
Please, what am I doing wrong?

Andre Felipe Machado

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