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Re: RFC: ipw3945

Andreas Barth wrote:
> Eh, that doesn't sound really useful. One never knows for sure what the
> future brings.

We are speaking only about the time where ipw3945 is not in mainline. I
don't see any practical gain in using mainline headers now, dealing with
problems there, and reverting to the extra headers later once it was merged.

> The ipw3945-package will be the only chance for users in Etch to have
> support for this device, at least until the newer kernels come in at
> Etch+half.

How to packaging ipw* sustainable has nothing to do with the Etch
release cycle.

> Is there any reason not to take this working package, and just upload
> it? I think it would be a disservice to our users if we keep an working
> package out of Etch.

Yes. Besides the *important* ones I already told, the minors are about
the Debian integration which is already arranged with waldi. The driver
is packaged for main, not contrib, and binary modules will be provided
through linux-modules-extra-2.6.

Do not upload/sponsor/$whatever these packages, thanks.

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