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Re: Ask user in postinst for overwrite of config file

Markus Schulz <msc@antzsystem.de> writes:

> Hello,
> i have a package which provides a template config file. 
> It asks several debconf questions and generate a config file inside /etc 
> where all template variables was replaced with debconf responses. 
> After a package upgrade i want to check if the generated config file was 
> modified by user with a md5sum and ask the user if i can override the 
> existing config file (only if different) with the new generated 
> version. 
> But a read inside postinst can't take a response from user. How can i do 
> this? Is there a better solution for this problem?

Don't forget to parse the configfile and set the debconf answeres to
the values stored in it. You must preserve user changes when possible.


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