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Re: Doubt about a license

On 10/22/06, Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org> wrote:
On Sun, Oct 22, 2006 at 12:11:27AM -0400, Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez wrote:
> I chose a package that I want to create. I was seeking for copyright
> and I just found the information I'll show below:
> " It is a free software distributed under GPL terms,
> see www.gnu.org for more informations. You can use or
> redistribute this software, but need preserve the credits
> of author."

The intention of the author is obviously fine, so packaging should be no
problem.  However, I would suggest that you ask the author to add the
recommended comment ("This program is free software; you can redistribute
and/or...") on the top of all source files.  You should also copy that part
into debian/copyright.

Ok, I'll ask him about add the recommended comment that you suggest me.

> I have read Debian Free Software Guidelines but I'm not sure, I mean,
> When the author says: " but need preserve the credits" and knowing
> that this software is distributed under GPL terms, do you think are
> there any problems to upload it into debian?

No problems at all.  Even though it is doubtful whether this is allowed by the
DFSG, it is common practice for license texts, and even for the "free software
fundamentalists" (as I am sometimes called) of Debian that is not considered a
problem. ;-)


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Thanks for answering Bas :-)
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