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Re: When is the Freeze of Etch?

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I have this question, since some of my applications do not work
> under Etch/Sid because missing updates from some Packages.
> For example:  xdialog 2.3 is availlable since 4 monto and in Debian
> it is only 2.2 which has MANY bugs, which are solved in 2.3.
> Since I have packed 2.3 for my own, using the /debian directory
> from 2.2 should I upload my xdialog to mentors and ask for a NMU?

Some suggestions:

1. You have already filed a bug report. You can provide enough 
   data (interdiff, URL, ... whatever you think is enough!) so
   that the current maintainer can incorporate your packaging effort
   to make it quicker for version 2.3 to make it into etch.

2. If major functionality will be broken by releasing 2.2 in etch
   then you want to consider upgrading the severity of the bug.
   Please provide details when you do so. At least this will ensure
   that other users of xdialog will know there is a problem.

3. There is no harm in using a higher version of package locally
   than what is available on the archive. There are many debian 
   tools to create local package repositories. Asking for this
   version to be in the Debian archive urgently means that you
   feel that many users of "xdialog" will be badly affected by the
   earlier version (see 2).

4. If you feel that the maintainer is MIA or might want to orphan
   the package you should write to mia@qa.debian.org to check. Please
   ensure that you have tried all avenues (BTS, mail to
   Maintainer etc.) before you do this. The MIA folks probably
   have a long queue!

I am in a not-very-different situation with respect to a number of
packages and all I can say is "Patience".



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