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Re: RFS: ipkungfu (updated package)

Hello Luis,

Luis Uribe <acme@eviled.org>:
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.5.2-8
> of the package "ipkungfu".
I intend to sponsor your package, but there are some things to do:
- debian/rules build a manpage in build/ipkungfu.8, but you install
  your own manpage debian/ipkungfu.8. One of this can be removed.
- Do you need the dh_link call in debian/rules?
- Please adapt the comments in debian/init.d for your package, at least 
  remove the skeleton comment.
- Fix #386553.
- There is a newline missing on purge messages:
neo:/home/es/devel/debian/sponsor/ipkungfu/ipkungfu-0.5.2# dpkg -P ipkungfu
(Reading database ... 217387 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing ipkungfu ...
Not Starting/Stopping ipkungfu: Please read /usr/share/doc/ipkungfu/README.Debian for detailsPurging configuration files for ipkungfu ...

Kindly regards,

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