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Re: binNMU safe and ${binary:Version} or ${source:Version}

[ Found this today on the web archives. ]


On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:11:23 -0700 Steve Langasek wrote:
> The documentation for this probably belongs in debian-policy; current
> versions of policy seem to mention Source-Version, though, not the new
> substvars, and I'm not sure if anyone has submitted a patch for this?

I was waiting until after the etch release to send such patch. I'd
consider Source-Version to be now half-deprecated, due to it needing
a versioned Build-Dependency on dpkg-dev. After the release we can
fix the policy and advertise it widely as deprecated and even add a
warning in lintian/linda. Once all packages have been fixed, we could
consider removing that substvar, to avoid all confusion it carries...


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