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Re: RFS: pyecm

I think you can re-upload a package over the existing one on mentors. If
not, you can delete the old one via the web interface.

It would be nice if you re-upload with the new description, but it is
not necessary.

It is a good idea for discussions like this to be made to the -mentors
list. I have taken the liberty of replying to the list so my further
comments are made public.

I had a brief look at your package and noticed a couple of things:

- Your package should be updated for the new Python policy

- Many sponsors like to have commented-out debhelper entries in the
debian/rules file removed altogether.

A couple of useful sponsorship checklists are:
- http://people.debian.org/~neilm/sponsorship.html
- http://people.debian.org/~mpalmer/sponsorship_checklist.html

(Not a Debian Developer)

Martin Kelly wrote:
> That makes sense... will do. Do I need to delete the package from
> mentors.debian.net and then re-upload it or just change the description
> before a sponsor accepts it?
> Martin
> Ted Percival wrote:
>> Martin Kelly wrote:
>>> It builds these binary packages:
>>> pyecm - Factors large numbers (<= 50 digits) using ECM (Elliptic Curve
>>> Method)
>> I suggest changing the short description to:
>>   Factors large numbers (up to 50 digits) using the Elliptic Curve
>>   Method (ECM)
>> And possibly even leaving off the "(ECM)".
>> My quick reasoning for this is that "up to" is more readable than "<=",
>> and that the expanded version of the acronym should come before the
>> acronym itself.
>> -Ted

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