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Overriding linda source package warnings

I'm getting the following linda error:

linda -i ../result/keytouch_2.2.2-1_i386.changes
E: keytouch; Package contains autoconf-generated files.
 The package contains the file shown above, which is generated by
 autoconf. This may confuse the buildd's, and should be removed by the
 clean target of the package.

I know what causes it, and have corrected it, and have put an override
for lintian[1]. But I haven't found a way to override this for
linda. Files in /usr/share/linda/overrides seem to apply only to the
binary package they're contained in, and this error is produced by the
source package.

Any hints?

[1] I need to override because the error could only be *fixed* by
repackaging the .orig.tar.gz, which I don't want to do for so little a
thing, when the problem can be adequately worked around.

Rodrigo Gallardo
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