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Re: RFS: eqonomize -- personal accounting software for the small household economy

Sorry that my reply took so long. And thanks again for reviewing.

On Monday 25 September 2006 00:44, James Westby wrote:
>   * Your debian/copyright file does not mention all the copyright
>     holders in the package. Also it seems the docs are under the FDL, is
>     that correct. If so this should be documented in debian/copyright as
>     well.


>   * Consider splitting out a -doc package to save some archive space.

Done. The splitted packages save up to roughly 50% of disk space compared to 
the unsplitted package.

> P.S. I see you use bzr for versioning your packaging, do you know about
> bzr-builddeb for automating the task of building packages from a bzr
> branch? See http://jameswestby.net/bzr/bzr-builddeb/ if you are
> interested. </shameless_plug>

Yes, I know and extensively use bzr-builddeb.

I still haven't found a sponsor, so if a DD is interested in this package 
please consider sponsoring it.

Es irrt der Mensch, solang' er strebt.

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