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Re: RFS: haskell-uulib


I renew my request for sponsorship of haskell-uulib. I have updated the
package after some comments of James Westby and got clarification about
the license of some parts of the library. Below is the usual information
for a RFS:

As I am still in the NM queue I am searching for a sponsor for

* Package name    : haskell-uulib
  Version         : 0.9.2-2
  Upstream Author : 
    Doaitse Swierstra <doaitse@cs.uu.nl> and
    Arthur Baars <arthurb@cs.uu.nl>
    Daan Leijen <daan@cs.uu.nl>
* URL             : 
* License         : LGPL and BSD
  Section         : devel

It builds these binary packages:
libghc6-uulib-dev - parser and pretty print combinator library for GHC 6 
libhugs-uulib     - parser and pretty print combinator library for hugs98
haskell-uulib-doc - API documentation for uulib Haskell library

The package is linda an lintian clean.

An upload would close ITP bug 376415

The package can be downloaded from my repository:
- URL: http://moonshine.dnsalias.org/debian/unstable
- Source repo: deb-src http://moonshine.dnsalias.org/debian unstable/ 
- dget http://moonshine.dnsalias.org/debian/unstable/haskell-uulib_0.9.2-2_i386.changes

An upload would be appreciated.

Greetings Arjan Oost

p.s. Don't forget the -sa -v0.9.2-0 flags for dpkg-buildpackage when
rebuilding the package.

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