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Re: License DData (was Re: RFS: haskell-uulib)

Op za, 30-09-2006 te 20:29 +0100, schreef James Westby:
> Hi Arjan,
> Has there been any progress on this issue?

Did not hear anything from the original author of UU.DData yet.

The upstream maintainer is planning on dropping the UU.DData parts of
the library, but right now he still needs them for another program
(uuagc) which builds against UU.DData. I have provided him patches to
compile uuagc against some other libraries instead of UU.Data and
upstream is looking at them

I will wait a little bit longer for a response of the original author
and else I repackage the upstream tarbal without the UU.DData parts.

Greetings Arjan

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