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Re: Sponsor request for hunspell-uz

On Sunday 30 October 2006 19:43, James Westby wrote:

> I have found just one more problem, lintian says
>   I: uzbek.wordlist source: build-depends-without-arch-dep
>   dictionaries-common-dev
>   N:
>   N:   The control file lists the given package in Build-Depends, but no
>   N:   architecture-dependent packages are built. If all the packages
>   built
>   N:   are architecture-independent, the only packages that should be
>   listed
>   N:   in Build-Depends are those required to run the clean target (such
>   as
>   N:   debhelper if you use dh_clean). Other build dependencies should
>   be
>   N:   listed in Build-Depends-Indep instead.
>   N:
>   N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 7.6 for details.
>   N:

How do you get such an output?

I run lintian with -v and don't get such an output. Anyway, I added 
Build-Depends-Indep into control file. Hopefully, it is ok now. Could you 
please check?

Thanks in advance,

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