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Re: RFS: cunit

On (19/09/06 19:30), Philipp Benner wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Sep 2006 17:46:35 +0100
> James Westby <jw+debian@jameswestby.net> wrote:
> Hi,

Can I suggest to metion that you have uploaded a new version if you do
when you reply to comments, and mention the URL as well, it makes it
clearer what is going on.

I have a couple of points about the changes,

  * You need a versioned build-dep on dpkg-dev to use ${binary:Version}, 
    apologies for not mentioning it before.
  * You should use a "." on a line on it's own between paragraphs in the
    long description.

Apart from the the packages seem ok to me. If you make these changes I
think they will be ready for sponsorship.


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