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Re: RFS: bandwidthd - bandwidth monitoring daemon

Please CC me to make it easier to reply as I'm not subscribed.

>   Sorry, but it's not lintian clean:
> W: bandwidthd: init.d-script-missing-lsb-section

Oh, sorry ... missed to check the binary package, only the source

Anyway, I have no useful information to provide in the LSB section. My
daemon is pretty selfcontained. Seems pretty insane to not have a
default instead of cluttering every init script with this header.

I can make a new version providing a LSB section which basically would
look the same as the example but with name and descriptions changed if
anyone feels strongly for having one, otherwise I'll hold off on it and
add it the next time I make a new version with other changes....
Please tell me if anybody consider this as a blocker for sponsoring.

Andreas Henriksson

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