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Re: RFS: eqonomize -- personal accounting software for the small household economy


On Sat, Sep 23, 2006 at 10:20:21AM +0200, Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a sponsor for the eqonomize package. The description is:
>  Eqonomize! is a personal accounting software, with focus on efficiency
>  and ease of use for the small household economy. Eqonomize! provides a
>  complete solution, with bookkeeping by double entry and support for
>  scheduled recurring transactions, security investments, and budgeting.
>  It gives a clear overview of past and present transactions, and
>  development of incomes and expenses, with descriptive tables and
>  charts, as well as an approximation of future account values.
> For more information see http://bugs.debian.org/386816 and 
> http://eqonomize.sourceforge.net
> The package is avaiable at:
> http://frank.thomas-alfeld.de/download/debian/eqonomize/
> http://frank.thomas-alfeld.de/download/debian/eqonomize/eqonomize_0.4-1_i386.changes
I'd really like to see this in Debian. I used gnucash in the past for
this purpose, but it seems to be a bit overkill for this little bookkeeping. 

In the package description you could mention that this is a KDE app. I'd
look for this information when searching gnucash alternatives.

I tried building the package with pbuilder, but did not succeed:

/usr/bin/make -f admin/Makefile.common
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/eqonomize-0.4'
./admin/cvs.sh: line 33: --version: command not found
*** KDE requires autoconf 2.53 or newer
make[1]: *** [cvs] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/buildd/eqonomize-0.4'
make: *** [post-patches] Error 2
pbuilder: Failed autobuilding of package

However, it was build in an etch chroot -- will try sid later.



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