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Re: RFS to fix RC bug: rssreader.app

Neil Williams wrote:
> Yavor Doganov wrote:
> > the files clearly indicate that they're under
> > GPL, but contain the confusing "See the GNU Library General Public
> > License for more details".
> Just a note: This could be down to the IDE being used at the time the
> file was created. If the developer was using a particular version of
> Anjuta when the file was created, the notice would have contained this
> line. See bug #368238. The current version of Anjuta does not have this
> problem (although it does still use the old FSF address in generated
> headers).

That's cerainly not the case.  The IDE for GNUstep apps is Project
Center (and Project Manager); upstream uses the former, I think, but
TTBOMK both don't add license headers.  I anticipate that what
happened is that he simply copied the headers from a library under
LGPL and substituted what was necessary in the beginning, without
reading carefully the rest.

Also, some files, which were clearly written by him, contain (C) FSF
in the headers.  Either he wanted to assign copyright to the FSF for
the whole app and framework, or it is another kill/yank mistake.

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