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Re: question about reporting bugs on my own package

Satoru Takeuchi wrote:
> Hi mentors,
> I have a problem with bug reporting. I maintain a package and found some
> bugs with it. Is it correct way to report bugs on my own package, or should
> I just fix these bugs and describe about it on changelog? I briefly read
> Debian Developer's Reference, but I couldn't find the description about
> my question.
> Thanks,
> Satoru

This is up to you; I've done it both ways in the past.  If the bug is
affects the usability of the package, and it could take a while to fix it,
go ahead and report the bug to the BTS.  That will let other users know that
the maintainer is aware of the issue.  You may even be able to describe a
workaround in the bug report.  If the bug is trivial or purely aesthetic
then the bug report would be less useful.  However, it doesn't hurt to file
a bug report, even if the issue is very minor, so if you're in doubt, I
would suggest filing one.

Hope that helps,

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