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Re: RFS: bastet (updated package)

Hi Nacho,

Nacho Barrientos Arias Nacho Barrientos Arias <chipi@criptonita.com>:
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.41-4 of my package
> "bastet". Its last maintainer was David Moreno Garza, i am adopting
> it. See changelog file for more details.
It is technical good so far, but:

 - the year of (c) is missing
 - it doesn't reflect:
   "Based on Petris by Peter Seidler: here is his original disclaimer:
   Peter's Tetris (hmm...)
   By Peter Seidler <seidler@phys.au.dk>"
   (from main.c)
 - clarify the license, debian/copyright says it's Public Domain
   and it's relicensed under MIT/X11, but COPYING says GPL2
 - I don't like to see new maintainers name in debian/copyright. IMO you 
   should keep the file as small as possible.

BTW: I played it a little and I hate this "Won't give you this one!".
     I loose and loose and loose, but if you like it... ;-)

Kindly regards,


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