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Adopting em8300 packages, RFC/RFS


I'm looking for a potential sponsor for em8300 package [1]. Nicolas Boullis,
the previous maintainer of the package, had called for help with the package
maintenance [2], and has since had to stop working on the package entirely
due to personal commitments. Before this, under Nicolas' guidance I had been
working on a new set of em8300 packages [3]. Unfortunately he will be
unavailable for an unknown time and has advised that I seek a sponsor to
adopt the packages.

em8300 is a kernel module and associated tools for MPEG decoder cards based on 
Sigma Designs' EM8300 chip (such as the Creative Labs DXR3 or the Sigma 
Designs Hollywood+).

Major things my version fixes:
* New upstream.
* Builds with recent kernels.
* Closes a bunch of bugs (depmod, firmware location, and others)

Known issues:
* The install scripts call mknod. I know this is against policy, unfortunately
this is required as there is no officially allocated device number and no
device node managed by MAKEDEV. (devfs and udev find this irrelevent, for
obvious reasons.)
* This version doesn't support multiple firmwares, whereas previous versions 
did. Most people aren't going to want more than one firmware, but the problem 
is now how to handle upgrading systems that have more than one firmware 
installed. I'm thinking the solution is to prompt the user through debconf if 
this is an issue, and offer them options, but I'd like some other opinions.
* Template translations aren't updated yet. I plan to submit to translation 
teams for updates once the issue above (and any other that may crop up) is 
worked out.

Anyone interested in having a look?


[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/em8300.html
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=346583
[3] dget http://tachyon.no-ip.org/em8300/em8300_0.15.3-1.dsc

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