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problem building a package in buildd

after the upload of lopster package I see in the log of buildd that it
fails compiling the package for arm. I take a look to the log and I see
this error:


Need to get 5758kB/8947kB of archives.
After unpacking 31.0MB of additional disk space will be used.
WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
  liblocale-gettext-perl libtext-iconv-perl libtext-charwidth-perl
  libtext-wrapi18n-perl debconf-i18n debconf libgtk1.2-common libglib1.2
  x11-common libxau6 libxdmcp6 libx11-data libx11-6 libxext6 libxi6 libgtk1.2
  pkg-config libglib1.2-dev x11proto-core-dev libxau-dev libxdmcp-dev
  x11proto-input-dev x11proto-xext-dev libxext-dev x11proto-kb-dev xtrans-dev
  libx11-dev libxi-dev libgtk1.2-dev gettext-base libmagic1 file html2text
  gettext intltool-debian po-debconf debhelper dpatch
E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes
apt-get failed.
Package installation failed


I think this is the problem... It's a packaging problem?
You can see the complete log at:

Francesco Namuri <franam@hierax.net>

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