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Re: Where to host a native package as a non-DD

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 22:31, Neil Williams wrote:


> I'm in the NM process. I have a number of packages hosted at SourceForge
> that are platform & distribution independent, two of which are already
> in Debian. I now have a simple package that should (I think) be a Debian
> native package: dpkg-view, a simple GUI viewer for .deb files for
> Gtk/Gnome.

Did you know about gdeb, it is more or less the same, but that does not mean 
that I find your package useless of course.

> If anyone wants to see it (as a non-native package at the moment) I'd
> just say it's pre-pre-alpha (v0.0.1) but available at:
> deb http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/ packages/unstable/$(ARCH)/
> deb http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/ packages/unstable/all/
> deb-src http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/ packages/unstable/source/

An URL to *.dsc file will suffice and is actually more suitable to grab (i.e. 
dget) debian source packages from sites, then dpkg-source -x .dsc.

> (There's no ITP yet as it depends on the answer to this problem.)
> It doesn't strike me as suitable for SF - it's not going to be
> particularly useful on Fedora or Gentoo. Maybe it would be useful on OSX
> via Fink but I can't test/support that myself.

Hm, what about other Debian-based distro, but they shold be fine with native 
and non-native package, so leave it non-native for now, do not bother ;-)

> I can't use alioth (I only have a customer account). I have a trivial
> apt repository (above) that my sponsor(s) can use so mentors.debian.net
> is out - what I really need is a GForge type project interface ala SF or
> alioth: CVS, news, homepage, release mirrors etc.
> Can my guest account on alioth be upgraded prior to completing NM?
> Where are native Debian projects normally hosted?


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