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Re: shc -- #335278 broken packaging -- non-DD NMU prepared

On Saturday 15 July 2006 03:48, Russ Allbery wrote:
> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> writes:
> > On Friday 14 July 2006 10:08, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> >> They could check that non-NMU uploads must not say "Non maintainer
> >> upload" in the changelog.  Appearantly they don't do that.  I think a
> >> wishlist bug is in order there.
> >
> > Well, it makes no difference which case you have. Anyways if you have a
> > conflicting declarations for debian-revision value and /Non-maintainer
> > upload/i as first changelog entry, lintian&linda should warn about. In
> > fact I can see such an attempt in /usr/share/lintian/checks/nmu but it
> > doesn't work as expected or at least for me. I'll try to investigate
> > that further.
> lintian warns if you do an NMU without mentioning it in the changelog, but
> although it has the necessary information to do so, it doesn't do the
> inverse.  Committing a fix now.

Thanks for your support. Could you please also specify (in copyright or at 
http://lintian.debian.org/ ?) which SCM and where you use to maintain and 
develop lintian ? I'd like to test that change for instance. Thanks.

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