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RFS: mp3togo - Audio transcode utility for portable players

Dear mentors,

I am looking for a sponsor for my package "mp3togo".

I am the author of mp3togo and also the creator of the Debian package.
I have been using Debian for about eight years, but this is my first
attempt at packaging anything.

The program has been released to the public for a little over two
months and is fairly stable, although I intend to add new features in
the future.

On my etch system, with policy version the package passes
both the lintian and linda tests. The mentors.debian.net website lists
a lintian warning: build-depends-without-arch-dep

I am not sure which is correct. I have modified the control file with a
Build-Depends-Indep: line, this has solved the warning on my system,
but has had no effect on the mentors website.

* Package name    : mp3togo
 Version         : 0.5.6
* URL             : http://puddle.ca/mp3togo/
* License         : GNU GPL
 Section         : sound

It builds these binary packages:
mp3togo  - A tool for loading music on to portable mp3 players

The package can be found on mentors.debian.net at

Or just "apt-get source mp3togo" if your sources.list contains:
deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main contrib non-free

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me. Any comments
or suggestions would also be appreciated.

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring new developers.

Kind regards
 Simeon Veldstra


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