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RFS: keysid -- Tiny linux daemon for laptop/multimedia keyboard enhanching

Hello, I'm looking for a sponsor for keysid, a highly configurable linux
daemon which lets you intercept keyboard key strokes and make them
execute the programs you want. Useful with laptops (my laptop has 8 unused keys)
and multimedia keyboards. It doesn't come preconfigured, you have to
choose what program you want to execute with a certain key, from any
user you want (i.e. you may want to run mpg123 by your user, vlock by
root, etc). The last version (1.0) lets you set a timeout (execute that
command when keys aren't pressed for X seconds). It's released under GPL.

Here are keysid debian stuff:
it's linda and lintian clean.
It was downloaded from http://keysid.sourceforge.net/?s=2


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