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Symlinks as conffiles?


I hope this is not off-topic for this forum.  I have a simple question, and
there's _so_ many forums it's tough to find the best one.

I'm a long-time user of Debian trying to learn more about the distribution
and also the Policy. 

Someone on #debian mentioned that symlinks can be included in the package
file listing.  If that's the case, can symlinks also be conffiles?  Will
dpkg make .dpkg-old symlinks and the like if the user changes the target of
the symlink?  

Even if it works, is it not recommended because of some corner-case(s) dpkg
just isn't designed for?

I'm using GMane to post to this forum as a newgroup.  I'll just check back
here periodically, so feel free to just post back to the forum and not
worry about cc'ing me.

Thanks for your feedback,
Sukant Hajra

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