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Re: 1 source, 2 binaries, 2 CFLAGS and cdbs

On 6/25/06, marciotex@gmail.com <marciotex@gmail.com> wrote:


How implement conditions following?

1) libfoo0 and libfoo0-athlon are binary packages builded from libfoo
   source package
2) CFLAGS for build libfoo0 are differents that for build libfoo0-athlon
3) debian/control contains libfoo0 (Architecture: any) and
   libfoo0-athlon (Architecture: i386)
4) debian/rules includes cdbs

If somebody know package that do it, please, tell me what is. Package
are building ok already (with cdbs). But just single binary.

CDBS is unable to compile multiple binaries out of the same source, or
to be more precise, is unable to perform multiple source builds out of
the same source package.

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