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Re: Build depends....?

Thamk you all for the help, I will try to combine all the tricks  you
have teached me

Mihai Felseghi.

On 6/23/06, Justin Pryzby <justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 01:51:14PM -0300, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> Hi!
> On 6/23/06, Mihai Felseghi <mihaifelseghi@gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Hello dear mentors , please tell me if there is a method of finding
> >the build depends for a piece of software (so i can fill the
> >Build-Depends field of the control file)? I tried to use the script from
> >New Maintainers Guide but it gave me no help.
> You can use a chroot to do this.
> A really nice too to check the build depends of your package is pbuilder.
> It creates a chroot and builds your package inside it.
> I will suggest to you take a look on pbuilder.
Note that the "minimal" build-dep set isn't the same as the full
build-dep set; if one build-dep directly or indirectly depends on
another direct build-dep, you could drop that direct build-dep, and
pbuilder would still compile.  But the suggestion is to list the full
build-deps, not the minimal set.  To find the full build-deps (which
will be a superset of the "minimal" build-deps) the following tools from
devscripts are suggested:

  - dpkg-depcheck, dpkg-genbuilddeps: determine the packages used during
      the build of a Debian package; useful for determining the Build-Depends
      control field needed [build-essential, strace]


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