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[RFS] cmarrows


I have created a Debian package for `cmarrows'.

"This is a METAPOST package for arrows and braces in the computer modern
style. The arrows offer the same flexibility as the ordinary arrow macro
in metapost. The braces can be made to follow an arbitrary path and you
can control at which path time the middle piece is drawn."

Motivation: the `plain' METAPOST format contains a single command
(drawarrow) for drawing one kind of arrows. This package contains
definitions of various common kinds of arrows which could be useful
within METAPOST figures. I used this macro package for some time. I
think that it is useful (for METAPOST fans).

is information how to get the current version of the package I created.

The fact that the original software was put to public domain (no
licensing restrictions were imposed on it by the original author AFAIK)
permits me to attach FSF GPL to it. I did that. This was somewhat
arbitrary. Hopefully (I am not lawer. I consulted DFSG-FAQ point 15) it
is legal and in concord with Debian policy.

If anyone wants to play with it and has any suggestions how to improve
this package, I am open to discussion and correction of the problems
that could emerge. It would be great if this package entered `main'.

Matej Kosik

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