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mentors.debian.net relaunched

Good morning,

we - the mentors.debian.net team - have been running the mentors service
for 3 years now. During that period ~500 package maintainers have
uploaded many revisions of ~1200 different packages. Still the service
was not very user-friendly and we could have done better to help
maintainers find sponsors for their packages.

Last year we decided that mentors.debian.net needs a going-over so we
threw it all away and developed a completely new site (in Python). We
hope you like it (better). These are some of the features we now offer:

o  signing up for an account is now an automatic process
o  uploading is done through FTP thus eliminating problems that maintainers
   had with SSH public keys (although we already received an email from
   a maintainer who's ISP does not allow FTP)
o  maintainers can remove their packages again if they found a sponsor
o  get a suggestion for an RFS (request-for-sponsorship) posting to this
   mailing list
o  uploaded packages will be checked throroughly giving maintainers
   suggestions on how to improve the package
o  maintainers can tag their packages as "I'm seeking a sponsor" so that
   potential sponsors can see whether the maintainer already has a
   sponsor or is looking for one
o  better internet connection to the server meaning faster downloads
   for sponsors
o  an uploaded package is generally online within a few seconds
o  a more user-friendly web interface

Since switching to the new site means changing DNS entries the server
may temporarily be unavailable. There are also rumors that our
support@mentors.debian.net address is not working. We blame that on DNS,

Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions. And don't kill
us if not everything is working smoothly yet.

 The mentors.debian.net team

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