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Re: RFS: urw-garamond -- scalable PostScript font from the Garamond family

Hi, Kevin.

On May 22 2006, Kevin Bube wrote:
> I will see if I can do a separate package for testing.

No need to spend your time now doing a separate package for testing:
xorg 7 has already migrated into etch.

OTOH, having it not depending on xorg 7 may make things easier for those
who want to use your package on sarge.

But if we actually get etch out in the next six months, people using
sarge may use backported xorg installations, tetex and, also, your

Oh, BTW, would it be a bad thing to put a symlink from
/usr/share/texmf/doc/fonts/urw/garamond.txt into the
/usr/share/doc/urw-garamond-no8 directory?

That would be the canonical place for a Debian user to know how to use
the package (since the included PDF file isn't a manual for the

Regards, Rogério Brito.
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