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Re: RFS: gnome-ppp 0.3.23-1

Hello Zak,

> I'm looking for a sponsor for the `gnome-ppp' package.  I got to ITA it
> around 10 days ago,[0] due to my touching it for Ubuntu, and I noticed
> that it needed a new developer to love it =)

> [1]  http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/g/gnome-ppp/

Thanks for adopting the package. I'm unfortunately unable to upload your
package, but did take a look. In general, the package looks and builds
fine and is free of lintian/da errors.

I did find that the homepage you reference, www.gnome-ppp.org, does not
exist; the domain has expired. You reference it in the description of
the package, the copyright file and the watch file, which I think should
all be changed.

Otherwise, the package looks good and I hope you find a sponsor.


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