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Re: Slatec

On 5/17/06, Sven Mueller <debian@incase.de> wrote:
Don't worry, your english is better than that of many people who's
mother tongue is english.
Only quote what you answer to, quote only as much as necessary to
understand the context of your answer. Place your answer right under the
quoted part it refers to.

If you follow those quoting rules, your mails will be easier to read and
understand for others, you won't waste bandwidth (which many people have
to pay for) and nobody wastes time figuring out what you refer to or
which parts you quoted though you don't refer to them.

Alright then, let's try and improve your english. :-) If you don't want
me to try and help you improve your english, just don't read the rest of
this mail ;-)

> I will go to do everything that you said I must to do.

Thank you, I learned a lot.

> If I have a doubt I will ask you, because sometimes I don't understand
> some stuffs.

Oh well, who could say he (or she) understands everything? I certainly

That's true. :-)


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