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RFS: d.n.s.c.r.u.f.t. (name mangled because of s.a. :p)

Yeah, I've made it.
<pasc> kilobyte: hah
<pasc> X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=5.1 required=4.0 tests=AWL,DRUGSPAM,DRUGSPAM2,
<pasc> I'm surprised you only got that

Let's say that the previous post contained some references about the sites
this package blocks.  If I made murphy autolearn the package's name to mark
it as spam, will I get a medal? :p

Getting a little afraid of quoting the stats again, let's say that ads,
popups and other junk were about 18.5% of entries in my Squid logs.  Getting
rid of that is worth a package to me.

Thus, a sponsor would be nice.

Package: dnsNOSAcruft (without NOSA ;-) )
Repository: mentors or http://angband.pl/debian unstable main

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